The WHY…


At the heart of a school-wide vision for learning should be the belief that every learner has the capacity to change or influence the world. We reject the view that entry into university, getting a good job or achievement in external exams should be fundamental drivers for learning.

Learning must be driven by need, interest and curiosity, as well as loads of teacher inspiration. As learners gain in proficiency, we believe a concurrent increase in responsibility and capacity for self-determined learning should become the main goal of educators. Not only should this be a goal for student learning, it should be the same for teacher and leadership team learning also.

Schools need to look beyond content, skills and behaviours, which are undeniably critical components, and promote a greater focus on aligning the principles of learning for all learners, regardless of age and experience. The impact on learning across a school is increased significantly, particularly for young learners when they can observe an unambiguous cycle of learning in action for themselves, their teachers and the school’s leaders.

This will challenge schools to redesign structures, processes and learning spaces and create learning experiences that enhance agency, metacognition, emotional intelligence and capacity for self-regulation.

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