What Does Organic Learning Look Like in the Classroom From a Student’s Perspective?


We host many visits from teachers, parents, leadership teams, principals and system leaders from interstate and internationally, throughout each year. Our usual process includes an Experience Tour in which visitors can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ learning within all learning (student, teacher, and leadership) spaces. This is then unpacked as a group with an opportunity for the visitors to externalise their thinking and feeling on this experience.

When mingling with the students, many visitors are intrigued by our Organic Learning Cycle and are often overwhelmed by the visible data impacting on their senses as they attempt to find personal meaning in and make connections with how we approach learning at St Mel’s.

By the time our students reach Year 5/6, they become quite articulate in their understanding of how to ‘go about’ learning. This is important because our vision is for all learners to become self-determined in their learning, so knowing how to ‘go about’ learning and ‘why’ is critical for developing self-efficacy.

We asked one of our students to ‘walk us through’ how learning happens in his classroom. Please keep in mind the following when watching this video: like many of our students when they begin Kindergarten, this boy could not speak English; and the video does not show the entire cycle, only up to the point of learning when the video was taken.

By revealing this video on our blog, we hope that viewers (and potential visitors) will come better equipped with knowledge of Organic Learning and reducing the visible data overload when entering learning spaces.

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