Welcome to Organic Learning

We have been immersed in Organic Learning since 2015. The content of this site represents our learning since making the decision to embark on a self-determined learning journey, which will never come to an end.


Organic Learning is the lens through which we view education in schools. We believe it could be adapted to any learning environment.

Deeply embedded within Organic Learning are fundamental principles that promote transparency, internal and collective accountability, relational trust, risk-taking and alignment in learning.

Our organic learning journey has attracted consecutive National Innovative Schools Awards in 2017 and 2018. During 2018, we have facilitated NESA accredited courses in the form of Professional Development Twilights and Staff Development Days, on various components of Organic Learning for teachers across Sydney Catholic Schools.

Innovative Schools medal 2017OLCInnovative18

If you would like to find out more about how Organic Learning can assist your learning community, contact us via:

steve.borthwick@syd.catholic.edu.au or @steve_borthwick

chad.ferris@syd.catholic.edu.au or @chad_ferris