Eradicate Ambiguity in Learning by Aligning Processes Using an Organic Learning Rubric

We believe the key to eradicating ambiguity in school-wide learning is to align the learning process for all stakeholders. In our community, this is achieved through the Organic Learning Cycle. The cycle has been developed so that it can be utilised for every aspect of learning in the school whether you are a student, teacher, parent or leader. Our aim … Continue reading Eradicate Ambiguity in Learning by Aligning Processes Using an Organic Learning Rubric

Organic Learning Cycle

Our Organic Learning Cycle has been evolving since 2015. We attribute a lot of our thinking to our learning in Design Thinking. Significant staff changes and participation in system/government improvement projects led us to uncover tensions and ambiguities in our school-wide structures and processes that required critical discernment and creative thinking 'outside the box'. This became an opportunity to create a school research project and 'shake … Continue reading Organic Learning Cycle

Student Metacognition: Using a Competency Rubric to Assess Deep Learning

We are all aware of the dependancy on quantitative collection of student learning and the high stakes associated with it. Externalised testing which results in funding, which is tied to further data collection. The cycle continues and grows moss along the way. What about the emotional connection to learning? Can we put a number on … Continue reading Student Metacognition: Using a Competency Rubric to Assess Deep Learning

Learning through Hexagonal & Triangular Thinking

So effective learning is effective learning. Visual representations of learning are a powerful way to extract, externalise and extrapolate knowledge into a tangible form in order to make meaning and 'connect the new with what we already knew' (Borthwick 2016). Hexagonal thinking is a process that we use with our learners, young and old, to both convey … Continue reading Learning through Hexagonal & Triangular Thinking

Rubric for Deeper Thinking About Learning

As part of our ongoing school-based research in developing and embedding Organic Learning, we have experienced many instances in which our assumptions were way off the mark (always be aware of your underlying assumptions!). When working with Tom Barrett, we were tinkering with Martin Broadwell's Conscious Competence Learning Model and SOLO Taxonomy originally developed by John Biggs and Kevin Collis. … Continue reading Rubric for Deeper Thinking About Learning

Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping: It Works!

In schools today there are many conflicting agendas that add pressure to the planning and delivery of a quality curriculum that directly meets required syllabus Outcomes. Consciously and competently developing contemporary learning skills is also at the forefront as educators desire to not only use ‘best’ but also ‘next’ practice strategies to build and enhance … Continue reading Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping: It Works!

The WHY…

What is the impact on learning across a school when young learners can observe an unambiguous cycle of learning in action for themselves, their teachers and the school’s leaders?